The MBI platform is managed since january 2015 by Marie-Dominique Devignes and Dave Ritchie, from the CAPSID team at the Loria, assisted by a CNRS engineer, Patrice Ringot. The platform operating committee is composed of Loria main users of the platform.
Most external users of the platform are partners involved in multi-disciplinary projects with Loria computer scientists. All external users need to request an account for using the computing resources of the MBI platform.


During the CPER MISN (2006-2014), the MBI platform was managed by an operation committee coordinated by Marie-Dominique Devignes, member of the Orpailleur team at the Loria. This committee was formed by all the MBI operation leaders and used to meet every year to decide on the use of the MBI budget for the operations needs and for the MBI platform.
The MBI platform was mostly used at the Loria by the ORPAILLEUR team. External users were external partners of the MBI operations such as INRA (IaM laboratory), INPL (ENSAIA) and Nancy University (Laboratory of Genetics and Microbiology).